Xbox One storage concerns

TLDR: Questions in bold near bottom

I've had no interest in any of the new consoles until yesterday when a few friends were talking about camping out to get the Xbox One today. I then considered trying to convince myself to get one too which led to looking at the launch titles and system info. As I understand, all games have to be installed in order to play. I plan on downloading all my games if I do get one and the option is available to do so. Is 500GB enough? I mean, consider the following:

  • After the drive is formatted, you don't have 500GB. NTFS partition probably puts it around 465GB
  • The OS is also going to take up some
  • I'm guessing storage is reserved for various functions (save data, updates, recordings of video games?, apps, etc.)
  • Some of the launch titles push well over 40GB and almost 50GB installs
  • Patches & DLC (which can be significant, too)
  • By design, you can't see remaining storage

On the (very) modest side, you have 450GB available to install games. That's 9 large games. Now 9 is a decent bit and I'm sure most people may be able to get along fine since many games will be MUCH smaller than 50GB.

But in a situation where someone has 10 50GB titles that they love and frequently play all of, will they have to redownload those large games repeatedly? Over their potentially slow internet connection? I know you don't have to wait for the download to complete but what if they want to continue their progress from a game save which is near the end? Can they resume right away? I know some crappy ISP's also have bandwidth limits.

Can games be at least saved to external HDD (obviously with the DRM)? (a yes to this alleviates all my concerns)

Can the internal storage be manually upgraded to a larger drive? (This too, will alleviate my concerns)

I have a decent connection at home (85Mbps) and no data cap so it's not a HUGE concern, but I could see me bringing my system over to my GF's house who has a terrible DSL connection (~300kbps and nothing better in the area yet)) and I see too many issues if the game she wants to play was pushed off my system for something else.