With less power draw, a much larger case, and seemingly huge heatsink/fan, XBO runs hotter.

http://cdn2.gamefront.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/xboxonenoise.jpg Xboxonenoise_medium

via cdn2.gamefront.com


via cdn2.gamefront.com

XBO above.

Granted, they did deliver on their promise on lower noise by all accounts. But it's still staying hotter than the PS4 under load.Cooler when idle though, interestingly, but for longevity considerations load and the change in temperatures should matter more, in fact it's large fluctuations in heat level that cause flexing and dying.



And no, higher exhaust temp doesn't mean cooler chip temp as people bizzarely started believing, more air being expelled doesn't increase the temperature of that air, it just holds more energy since there's more of it, a better cooler should reduce both chip and exhaust temp.