A Decent Cheapish Dock To Turn An Old Android Into A Music System?

Hey guys, sorry for that mouthful of a title...

I have an old Samsung Galaxy S2 and I'd like to use it to get some music into my kitchen. That's relevant because this is not intended to be a primary music system or anything even close (I have that already).

Saying that I do care about sound quality (within the limited constraints of a dock obviously) but I am willing to trade somewhat given the need for value. Essentially I'm just looking for something neat with OK sound, and it will be static and self-contained so I don't need anything fancy involving streaming or wireless etc.

I've never had an Android dock before so don't know where to start, and before I start researching I thought I'd see if anyone has any experience/suggestions. As for price I really don't know because I'd be willing to go down the second-hand route (ebay etc), but somewhere between £30-£60 ($50-100) would be ideal if that even exists!