Show us your next-gen gaming setup!


Have a PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii? Perhaps a Wii U or Ouya? What about that dusty Dreamcast that still gets the occasional playtime when you're itching for a round of Jet Set Radio? Well, with the introduction of the PS4 and Xbox One, there's a good chance your AV setup just got (or is about to get) a good deal more complicated. Our support manager, Chao Li, lamented this week that she had no idea where her newest toy — the rather massive Xbox One — would go. Have you figured out where you're going to put yours?

Here's Polygon's Russ Frushtick's personal nightmare:

So, readers, show us your next-gen gaming setup! Have you figured out how it's all going to fit together, like a thousand-dollar jigsaw puzzle, or are you still working through the logistics? Do you have a PS4 dangling off the side of your AV rack, waiting for a spot to open up? Are you retiring your last-gen consoles already or waiting a year or two? Drop in your photos below.