Ingress made me act like a Pedophile

Ahh Ingress. A very addictive game.

If you don't know about it, it's a location based game that uses your phone's GPS and a mutation of Google Maps to overlay a game map over the real world. Real world items such as statues are marked as Portals to be attacked to gain control. This has you walking around public parks, pointing your phone at monuments and firing imaginary XMP Blasters at them.

So, a good number of Portals are attached to things like novelty slides in playgrounds. And that's where the problems begin. You find yourself hovering around kids playgrounds. Pointing your phone at the rides. And then kids come along to play. And you are pointing your camera at them and realising that, oh dear, this isn't proper.

So, you back off and go sit on a park bench a little distance away. Watching the playground, waiting for the kids to leave so that you can resume your attack on the Toy Helicopter Ride. You are watching the kids in the playground, but now from a greater distance, and still sort of pointing your phone at them.

And that's when you realise that you are acting exactly like a Pedophile.

And if a parent confronted me, what am I going to say? "I'm playing this game on the phone and..." It sounds so dodgy.