iPod Classic

So the iPod Classic, shown to the world in 2001 to our amazement and last updated in 2007. It's like Apple has completely forgotten or just neglected its most famous and once biggest product. What I'm wondering now (as are many others I'm sure) is what in line next for the iPod Classic? Will it finally be killed off come 2014? Will it get a major revamp? Will Apple just play around with its internals (lightening port etc)? What I'm also wondering is just how many are Apple selling these days now with the iPod Touch/iPhone & iPad. Honestly I can't imagine they're selling all that well since 2010-2011 but I'd be interested to know. Anyway what do you think will happen next for the iPod Classic? Personally I think it won't be killed off any time soon but instead get a slight overhaul, 128GB flash storage/160GB HDD options, lightening connector, bigger battery and improved screen and a slimmer body but keeping the same body design. It'll be interesting to see what it's faith is but here's hoping it'll stick around a bit longer.