retina iPad mini problems?

Anybody got one with issues? I just got mine, and I updated it to 7.0.4 and restored my backup from my old iPad 3. Not huge issues, but it's a bit concerning. So far there were at least three times where it rebooted itself randomly. Once it rebooted when I was shutting it down. :D There are also times where the mail app's UI froze (had to close it via task switcher). Overall feel seems to be "sluggish." Not that it lags or anything, but there's this feeling that it is not as smooth as it supposed to be. I tried running browser based benchmarks (sunspider, google octane), and it passes with flying colors. The diagnostic section have quite a few low memory entries, and skydrive crashing (even when I don't have the app running).


How are yours doing? Did you restore an old backup or did you set it up as new? Also since the iPad Air has pretty much the same internals, any problems with the Air?