Fixing Windows 8

Hello Tribe!

I'm in a quest to do a redesign of Windows 8 for Microsoft as a third-party community research. I would like to know what you like and what you would like improved on Windows 8.

I love Windows 8! It is an OS when, where you get passed through understanding how to use it and manage the environments, is a great productive OS. It needs to be said though that users not willing to learn Windows 8 are right because it is confusing to live in both the desktop and metro world at the same time especially on a fixed device like a desktop or a non-convertible tablet.

As of now my research is done around 5 rules that would serve the users with the feedback I received and Microsoft's own plans:

-Microsoft wants to create a coherent store and ecosystem for Windows with the Windows Store.

-Microsoft is adopting a company-wide design language with the Live Tiles innovation and flat design.

-Windows 8 needs to work on both touch-input devices and mouse/keyboard based computers. -Users using touch input does not want to use a desktop interface.

-Users with a mouse/keyboard input does not want touch elements for basic navigation.

Of course little quirks like seeing the battery percentage in Metro or kicking out the Charms bar for Desktop users are part of these rules!

I will also ask members of the Apple Core to get a different point of view from a different group of users.

Thanks everyone!