Apple displays for PC

Are there any Windows/PC's that have Apple-like Retina screens? I hate Apple for their stupidly over priced computers and their naive, snobby customer base, who have to say "look at me I have way to much money than I know what to do with, and don't know what a dollar is worth", but I love their mac screens. So why doesn't Microsoft make Apple-like displays? I know the technology is there, or is it? Maybe mistaken, but I have never seen a high res, but moreover beautifully colored, with no glare PC display. If anyone knows of any PC laptops or screen terminology that compares to Apple-like displays on a PC please inform me.

Sorry for the Mac rant, but in many ways it's true, and to some degree I'm jealous. The truth is that I wish these companies combined their products for good price, fast hardware, and beautiful true color screens, that are great for video games and Photoshop.

Thank you anyone for your help.