Thinking of Switching to Microsoft Ecosystem

I am thinking of switching my set of Apple Products and Services to Microsoft

Macbook Air --> Surface Pro 2 / iPad Mini --> Dell Venue 8 / Apple TV --> Xbox 360 / iPhone 5 --> Nokia Lumia 929

My reason for doing so is because I am obsessed with using all Services from one company and not looking for 3rd party software. Microsoft has a lot more software than Apple, and mostly the same hardware. (OneNote, Skydrive (drobbox like features), Bing Search engine, Visio)

Why I want to stay in the Apple Ecosystem is because of the future hardware: iWatch, iTV, Large Tablet

But I think it is way more likely for Microsoft to make an equivalent to iWatch, iTV than it is for Apple to make a search engine, better server software. There is nothing I can think of that Apple can offer me that Microsoft can't (besides an easier and prettier interface -- Which I don't care about too much)

Another benefit to Microsoft is the Market share is greater... simply because they care about market share where apple only cares about profits (which I strongly believe Windows Phone will catch up to iPhone in World Market share)

The iWatch, and iTV are very tempting to stay in the Apple ecosystem. It comes to the choice of Having more Hardware choices or having more software choices. And I think it is more likely for Microsoft to make hardware than it is for Apple to create new software.

and Apple has so much Cash that even if there phones fail, and Convertible Tablets pick can create a great convertible tablet. Or if Microsoft and Google make it so Apple cannot use any of there services (which would kill apple) Apple may have enough money to make some services to work for people.

-Collaborating with iWork is a great but the amount of people that use iWork over the amount of people that use Microsoft Word is tiny. And when Microsoft word adds collaboration, there will be no competition.

There will probably be a lot of comments telling me to mix and match from different ecosystems to get the best experience...I can't because I am weird OCD like creature.

LongTerm investment into an ecosystem: Do you think Apple will ever make software better?

Will Microsoft compete with the iWatch? or will it fail like Windows phone 7.5?