Should Microsoft Make a $150 Apple TV Competitor?

I find the Xbox One and it's media capabilities are incredibly impressive. Kinect is hit and miss, but being able to have all your media from cable and around the intent accessible on a fast system, with an incredibly well thought out user intersect is amazing. But I doubt that the $500 system will ever be able to launch Microsoft into living room dominance. The machine is just too expensive for non-gamers to even consider using a media center. So I’m thinking that Microsoft should release a $149 Xbox, without gaming capabilities, to compete with the Apple TV. Like the Xbone, this Xbox would be able to play live television, as well as Xbox Video, Xbox Music and various online streaming services. The only thing that it would be lacking is the ability to play Xbox games. I hope that this device would be a formidable Apple TV competitor and make Microsoft and it's Xbox media services a major presence in the living room. Any thoughts?