A goodbye to Windows Phone

I have used a HTC 8X for the past year, and I have loved it. I love the hardware, and have never gotten tired of picking the phone up just to hold it. It is without a doubt the best piece of tech I have ever owned. I went all in for this phone. All my documents live in skydrive, and all my emails live on outlook.com. I gave up Google Drive, Google Search, Youtube (I have used things like metrotube, but I never found one I liked as much as stock). But I didn't get the return on my investment that I wanted. I really like the OS, and consider it the best looking mobile OS currently available. But it just didn't have everything. I have been one of those people who have defended WP8 for lacking basic features (rotation lock comes to mind), and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with WP8 and my time as an MS fanboy. However, that time is about to be over. I am picking up a VZW Moto X in a few days. Here are some reasons why:

  • I can't get over the lack of apps. I'm not an app person. I have around 20 apps on my phone. But things like Mint just aren't there, and I can't live without them.
  • Search. Bing just isn't good yet.
  • Search again. I can't stand not getting good results when I need them.
  • Music. Not anywhere near something like Google Play Music.
  • Notifications. Live tiles are cool, but not cool enough. Some kind of notification center is still needed.

It is a pretty short list, but I didn't feel like going through every little thing that bugged me. But, I'll be back. Why? I think that 8.1 is going to make WP the OS to beat. Or maybe 8.2. MS is doing really super cool things with 8.1 (PC version), and I think they have show themselves able to build really interesting and functional products. They (arguably) have the best mobile UI designs and ideas. I can't wait for the WP to live up to its very large potential. But I can't stay with a product that I don't believe is fully baked until it does. I really want to love WP, but right now its just a pretty face without much to say.