How Skydrive on XBOX ONE could be the next big thing .

I spent my quite some time yesterday looking at 20 second clips of xbox one on reddit and other forums. I think this video uploading functionality is going to be a big deal going forward.

Why ?

1. Easy to watch the video like an extended vine of a gif.

2. The gist of content is in public domain and is one click away. also not limited to xbox users. Videos can be viewed from any Pc with internet access. and xbox live subscription is not required for viewing it even though it is required for uploading it.

3. Real players and people in any given circle may end up sharing and in turn make the content viral.

4. Increase in number of friends on any xbox profile.

how ?

1. The web player for skydrive could be beefed up with profile support and account summary in a better granular contextual manner. such people in circle and out of it, people following, star status information in the web video player along with chat feed.

2. The overall folder structure of skydrive allows the video collection to be genre specific and time bound. A person can upload videos based on genre of the game, the name of the game and the date on which he uploaded it. If the UI elements are changed it will have some real impact on at least users in USA.

3. Player value generation. Even though the content on xbox is private, The web version can be advertisement supported and a vehicle can be created for revenue generation. integration of xbox video and music and other consumption services for free .. sound pretty awesome.

4. Social services and setups. Skydrive by its nature of being a cloud service enables many use cases for mobile apps and "SOCIAL" portals being built on top of it. The addition of such services to smartglass will make the overall Mexperience more social and lifelike. Xbox smartglass with support of skydrive could make the next social revolution.

5. Multi platform, multi lingual, multi-target demographics and ALWAYS ON ..

note: I am not used to writing in English guys .. its an attempt... but comment .. what do you guys think !!!