My 60GB Launch PS3 YLOD'd: should I get a Black Friday PS3 or a PS4?

I've had my 60GB PS3 since launch and today - a week after its 7th birthday - it decided to YLOD. I still had a couple of games to play, namely The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls. But here's the thing, save for revisiting GTA5 (I was able to see the YLOD coming recently so I was luckily able to transfer all my save data to a flash drive), I have NO other games I'd really play on my PS3 anymore.

So of course the recent "Black Friday Week" sale on a 250GB PS3 with The Last of Us and the new Batman game for $200 comes to mind. While certainly a good deal, I can't help but think that I'd be buying a PS3 for really only two games (well, 2.5 if you count the occasional GTA5). Batman: Arkham Origins doesn't interest me as I found Arkham City to be not as good/well structured as Arkham Asylum. So basically I'd be paying 260(ish) dollars to play 2.5 games.

The other thought is obviously the PS4 - which I kind of wanted to wait a year or two to buy for it to go down in price and a few more games to play. Here, I'd be paying 460(ish) dollars for a new box that would last me for hopefully even longer than my PS3 did, and a game (probably Killzone, which I DO want to play, just not as much as TLOU or B:TS). Of course I'd also get a month (at least I think its a month) of PS+ membership, so I'd get Resogun and some PS VITA games (yes I own a VITA). I'd be looking forward to Infamous: Second Son (which is on the same level as TLOU and B:TS for me on the "hyped-to-play" scale haha), Watch Dogs, and years and years of upcoming games.

Then there's the factor of the possibility that one or maybe even both TLOU and B:TS will be ported to the PS4/will be available (hopefully for a reasonable price) for Gaikai streaming eventually. I won't lie, if I could play these games for around the same price as they are now except on the PS4 a little bit later, that'd be pretty great - but that's really up in the air.

So what would you guys do in this situation? Pay $260 for basically two games or pay $460 for a new box, a game, and a lot of potential? OR there's always the option of playing everyone's favorite game: the waiting game. Maybe I shouldn't buy either and just focus on my VITA and PC for a while.

R.I.P. Launch 60GB Phat PS3



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