2014 is going to be a bad year for Android. Here's hoping it won't be a bad year for Wp as well!

Thinking out loud:

In 2014, android will still suffer from lag and choppy scroll, and android OEMs will still falter in terms of camera hardware. Many android users will switch, but what will they switch to? iOS or Wp?

In 3'd quarter of 2014, Apple will introduce a large screen iphone with a fantastic camera. Those indignant android users will therefore switch to iOS, in spite of having to deal with a closed OS that requires iTunes and having to purchase expensive apple hardware. You can be 100% certain that the iphone 6 is going to be mad expensive.

Therefore, 2014 is also an opportunity year for MS and Wp. Android users tend to be value-oriented and Wp devices tend to provide excellent hardware at incredibly low cost; nothing beats Nokia when it comes to value/cost. What i am trying to say is that when a disillusioned android user sees 2 alternative operating systems that offer same functionality, he/she will opt for the better value proposition; they will opt for wp if, and only if, it either catches up to iOS or introduces a killer feature that is absent in iOS!

So 3'd quarter of 2014 is an opportunity for MS to expand the wp user base and hence attract developers.

what would happen if wp does not catch up to iOS or does not introduce a unique and killer feature that is absent in iOS? Well, not only will MS loose potential converts from android, but it will also loose current disillusioned wp users.

2014 might be a great year for wp if:

1) the new lumia is quad core, has high res screen, has same camera AND size as 1020, and comes to at least 2 of the 4 major service providers here in the U.S.

2) wp 8.1 catches up to iOS or introduces a killer feature. killer means cortana should outperform both google now and siri. A half-assed cortana would do more harm than good to wp. Moreover, wp 8.1 must address the top concerns of current wp users and the camera software must be optimized and sped up.

voice input/speech discrimination needs to be improved: this is proven by 2 facts: One, the google search app in windows phone store is better at understanding your voice commands when compared to bing. Two, the xbox one voice input turned out to be a lemon.

Will MS deliver? if history means anything, then the answer is an astounding NO!! but in the eyes of the optimist, anything is possible. What do you guys think?