What's your Xbox One universal remote setup?

Prior to the Xbox One, I had my living room pretty well figured out: everything was under the watchful eye of my Harmony Touch. Want to use Apple TV? Start the Apple TV activity. Want to play 360? Start the Xbox 360 activity. And so on. Life was good.

But now that the Xbox One is taking a half-assed shot at controlling my entire AV setup, things have gotten complicated. The benefits of routing my television through the console are just great enough so that I'm doing it — being able to switch into Forza in just a few seconds is a serious game-changer (pun intended). But that means that the Harmony's "Watch TV" and "Use Xbox" activities have basically lost all meaning — at any given time, I might be in either world without any change in my component power states or input routing. And the Xbox likes to know what TV channel is currently playing so it can show an accurate on-screen guide, which means you at least need to consider whether to let it be in control of that.

What this all means is that the Harmony really isn't a great fit for the setup, as far as I can tell, even though Logitech was quick to note last week that it was adding Xbox One "support" in time for launch day. I've been stewing on it all weekend, but I don't really see how to make it fit, and I'm seriously considering going back to an ultra-basic universal remote for the occasions when I still want to use the Apple TV and letting the Xbox just manage the rest through its clunky, bizarre, omnidirectional IR blaster.

What are you guys doing? Have you figured out some ultimate setup that I'm missing? HELP.