What if Apple bought..

Every now and then this thought crosses my mind, I'm not saying (or interested in) how likely it would be, how much it would cost or even if government would allow the mergers to go ahead, But with the huge cash warchest burning a hole in Apples pocket a large aquisition or two always crosses my mind.

Sony is one of the options but it just doesn't seem that logical given their massive debts in certain areas, even if they would give Apple a stranglehold in console gaming, TV set production, a load of patents and with the drive for TV and Movie content possibly the most important would be the stacks of content Sony owns. But it just wouldn't feel right.

But what if Apple bought Nintendo and Disney?

Im not even that fussed in the logistics of it all or the logic behind them, it just interests me as an idea.

Apple and Nintendo have similarish business models in that they try to make more profits on their hardware than their competitors and generally make their software exclusively for their own hardware. I could totally see Nintendo struggling to keep up with the conglomerates of Sony and Microsoft over the coming years in gaming and eventually being bought out before becoming a Sega.

A partnership/aquisition with Apple would make sense for me in that world, Wii brought gaming to the mass market and Apple has done the same with the iOS App Stores. Could totally see a Mii being linked to an Apple account and an iPad being used as a future iteration of the WiiU gamepad.

Not to mention being able to bring Nintendo characters to iOS mini-games exclusively as Microsoft will no doubt look to Xbox services to be a customer winner for Windows + Windows Phone in the future.

Apple and Disney already have a good relationship due to Steve Jobs, there would be loads of positives for Apple buying Disney, the amount of content they would immediately own could be a huge factor in shaking up the TV distribution industry. Owning companies and frachises like Marvel, Star Wars, ABC, ESPN, Pixar etc would give them massive amounts of leverage on the film and TV market.

Just thinking of a dual mixup of Disney and Nintendo would be a childs dream. Bringing Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Donkey Kong etc into Disney World and for potential films in one way, with Nintendo/Apple able to exclusively hold and create the games for Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and everything else Disney.

Again im not saying this is what I think will happen (it's obviously pretty unlikely and out there and not in the plans of any of the 3 CEOs) Just a thought.