A brief return to iOS... it has its own version of "lag".

My first smartphone was the iPhone4. After two years with it, I got bored of iOS and moved to Android.

Recently, I purchased an iPhone 5s for my sister, and had a chance to play with it for a while. This post is not about the many pluses and minuses I found on the iPhone 5s compared to my daily driver (the Nexus 5), I wanted to point out one thing that completely surprised me.

I was using Safari, and comparing it to Chrome on the N5. In terms of page loading, even full sites load on both fast enough that I can't really make out a difference. There are ups and downs, but nothing consistent in either case. And the N5 has really no scrolling lag that I can tell. Browsing on either phone is very very smooth. Except...

Except that I've really gotten used to the fact that in Android, scrolling is faster. I'm not saying its smoother. The speed is simply greater. I can flick my finger and the greater the speed of the flick, the faster the scrolling, which means more distance travelled. A gentler flick results in a slower scrolling motion.

In iOS, things are weirder. The downward scrolling always seems to follow a set speed and distance no matter what. Adding to the weirdness, that set speed seems to differ between when the page is loading (frustratingly slow) and when its loaded fully. The net result is that it feels less responsive. I can scroll faster if I flick my finger multiple times. But it just isn't the same as Android, which simply seems to follow my finger much more obediently.