Would you rather have Android on laptops than Chrome OS?

I know that a common topic among the Android/Google community across the web is Chromebooks, and wether or not they are useful and solve a problem. So I'd like to ask:

Wold you rather have Android (In an optimized form with multi windows and 64 bit) or Chrome OS if you were able to choose?

Chromebooks would probably still

-Run chrome a faster and smother

-Start up faster

But with Android, in assumed future optimized desktop form

- we'd likely have tons of games such as Minecraft and other shooters for desktop

- more customization

- Full fledged desktop apps

-Tons of SSD storage assuming OEMS stuff the Android laptops with them

=-A wide array of models, since Android is more open than Chrome OS OEMs might adopt it quicker.

-And AndroidBooks might be cheaper than Chromebooks because with 4.4 Android runs on 512MB devices, and Chromebooks are based of of another Linux distro made for desktops.