The Google Fiber Effect : More cities exploring gigabit broadband now?

Just read an interesting and hopeful article about how many cities are exploring ways to increase speeds

I think this is the primary solution to getting gigabit connections to people at a faster rate. If the private incentives alone are not enough to accomplish the task, then local governments should step up and come up with ways to speed along the process. Some may choose to build out the networks themselves, while others do some combination of relaxing right of ways and permitting to make laying fiber cheaper.

One idea was that every time a road was torn up for repair, they should lay fiber as the additional cost after they are already working on a road would be minuscule.

Whatever the details, the important thing is that we may finally be seeing signs of movement on the fiber front. Google can't do this alone, they are only one company - moving slowly and serially to expand gigabit internet. What we need is for cities around the nation to help build out faster internet in parallel.