Windows RT for developers

Maybe some people will disagree but, IMO, Windows RT is the perfect OS for 90% of the people. Those who only surf the net and read their mail, thouse who watch movies in their PC´s, those who think that if you are know how to use every Office function you know a lot about computers. If I had no special needs, I would defenitely buy a Surface RT.

But, what for those who perform more complex tasks? I'll probably will pick up a Surface Pro because I need some x86 apps. It has been a meditated decisión. I made a list, and chose what programs I definetely needed to carry with me. It seemed huge at the first glance, but I managed to delete most of it. Most of the programs had metro equivalents (maybe less powerful, but enough for ocasional use). In fact, i managed to delete all programs except one.

Well, I will let you guess which one? Lets throw some random facts:

  • Developers need an IDE and a compiler.
  • Microsoft owns Visual Studio
  • Windows RT is Windows 8 compiled for ARM
  • Therefore, you should be able to run any Windows 8 'legacy' program if: a)You have the source code and a complier for ARM b)Microsoft 'unlocks' RT as it does with Office
  • Microsoft needs developer support
  • Microsoft needs to push Windows RT

Doesn't seem obvious? Bundle every Surface RT with a free copy of Visual Studio (that only allows to develop Metro Apps), and a free suscription to Windows Store (it's only 19$!). Almost zero costs for MSFT, instant developer interest guaranteed.