Android Ladoo Campaign : Sweet, Strong, but will it Succeed?



It is going to be three months since Google unvield the name of the next Android OS (KitKat) and since the Android Ladoo Campaign started. And its already got a whooping 7,900 followers!

Ladoo was the name chosen for the next Android OS, the one which will start with an 'L', by a group of Indian IIT graduated students who wanted the next Android version to be named after an Indian sweet. Ladoo is an Indian sweet typically made from flour, sugar, and shortening, that is shaped into a ball. The Indian sweet drink 'Lassi' was also a name candidate by those students but they stuck with Ladoo.

The Campaign actually started even before Google unvield the name of KitKat. Before the name, KitKat, was unvield, the same group of these Indian IIT grads, wanted the name of 'KajuKatli' (another Indian sweet which is similar the sweet 'Barfi') for the Android version starting with 'K'.

Now it brings us back to question, will it succeed. It is sweet (Ladoos are sweet), it is strong (the whole nation of 1.2 billion is backing it), but will this seriously convince the people at Googleplex and the Android Headquarters to name the next version Ladoo? I don't think so. Even though there is quite a good chance that the campaign will succeed, I, an Indian, who wants this campaign to succeed, think that it wont! Android has more that hundred choises to choose from, from all around the world! So will it choose from Indian sweets? Choices like Lollypop, or and other sweet starting with an L.

So do you think that it will succeed? If yes, why? If not, why not? Till then, wait till Android announces the next name. :-)

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