Beautifully Crafted Modern Phones

I posted this in Googleplex earlier and got some interesting answers, so I thought I would try it here!

One of the major points of critique for smart phones on The Verge and other tech sites involves how a phone looks and the "quality of materials" that a phone is made from. Generally, metal and glass are good and most plastics are bad. I am not questioning why companies create beautiful phones with these luxurious (but breakable) materials because people buy them. I just want to know why smart phone customers prefer form over function. It doesn't make sense to me. Let's look at a typical iPhone buyer as an example.

Step 1: Buy a beautifully crafted, but breakable phone. Even the edges of an iPhone are beautiful, but that means that you notice any small dings or dents in your device.

Step 2: Cover your beautiful phone with a case - which has no chance of being as beautiful as the phone because it is made to be durable and (usually) provide impact resistance. The only part of the original phone you see regularly is the screen. In some very sad cases we cover our phones with something like this.



Step 3: Only remove the phone if/when you sell it to show that there is absolutely no damage to the phone. This allows someone to start the process all over again.

My point is that smart phones are arguably the most used item in many peoples daily lives. Why do we reject utilitarian designs and turn more towards designs that are beautiful but break easily if we cover the phone after we buy it?