Macbook pro retina 13" vs Ipad air


I'm currently using a Macbook air 13" mid 2011, it has screen issues so i have decided to change for something else.

The two options I consider are the Ipad air and the Macbook pro retina.

I'm a student, I use my computer mainly to read on internet and watch streaming, and rarely to customize my android phone. I also use it to note my economics's courses

Here is my list of pro and cons for each.

Ipad air Pros :

- Really light and portable

- A lot of games and app

- Slot for a data sim (I can have one for free from my carrier with my contract).

- Tactile screen brings a lot of possibilities

- Price

- Can use it to read when i go to university.

- Save my phone battery life (use it instead of my phone for some task)

Ipad air cons :

- Can't do some task, like assisting me to root my phone or install custom rom.

- No sd slot for loading my camera photos

- Screen size for home use

- No flash

- Less powerful to watch streaming ?

Macbook pro Pros :

- Bigger screen

- A real Keyboard

- I can do everything with it

- Real multitask help for student work.

Macbook pro Cons :

- No data sim slot.

- No tactile screen.

- Price

- No fun games like in the ipad.

- Less portable.

So what do you guys think ?

Should I pick the ipad or the macbook pro retina ?

Thanks for your help.