Racism in The Verge

It's been little over a month since Dan Seifert published his Acer C720 Chromebook review


In his "wrap-up," he states that,

"Chromebooks have typically been looked at as secondary or even tertiary computers. Often ghettoized as "the computer for my living room couch," most Chromebooks have not been able to replace a Windows PC or Mac."

As a person of color, the word "ghettoized" jumped out at me. Initially, I was mad. I could not believe that my beloved tech/culture site would allow such a word, whose connotation conjures up thoughts of a white supremacist capitalist christian patriarchy society. Throughout history, Jews were often ostracized and confined to these jewish "qhettos," in order words they were "ghettoized" and now we experience de facto racial segragation that has created african american ghettos.

After a month, I am no longer angered. However, I still feel the usage of this word was inappropriate and this type of language should not be used in this context. Nevertheless, I do not seek an apology. I will continue to read The Verge since it's simply the best :) and I know Vox Media, Inc. will listen to my pleas with kind ears. My intention with this post was to merely bring awareness and allow the discussion of race, maybe also gender and sexual orientation, within the tech community and our society since it is now a presumed taboo to have discussions about race in a "post racial obama/america" era.

p.s. I applaud Polygon for pointing out and criticizing the obvious racism in the xbone's launch title of LocoCycle. kuddos