Help me choose an Entry-Level DSLR. D5100/A58


I am looking to make the jump from a Canon 'point and shoot' to a more capable DSLR. I am researching for a quite a while now and am about to make a decision.

My 2 choices are:

1) Sony A58 (Its an SLT...but it seems to be doing many thing exactly right)

and 2) Nikon D 5100 (praised all around from everybody)

Could you maybe help? Personal experiences. Negatives that you think people should know.

Sony A58 is fairly cheap but got very VERY good reviews from all-around. it has apparently a bad-display (does it really matter?) but does almost everything exactly right. Nikon D5100 is a true DSLR (therefore a bit pricier) with a great articulated screen. its picture quality was praised highly from basically everybody. It seems to be slower though. At least compared to the Sony.

Is a digital viewfinder really a negative point...that should keep me from buying it?

I am a total novice at DSLR photography and am looking for something that is not totally daunting to understand and learn.

Also it would be nice if you did not give me other more costlier choices :-D It was hard enough to put my foot down and choose these two.