In a Win 8 / WP combo which apps are still missing?

My surface is 'in the shop' right now and I'm actually missing it a lot more than I expected. It's not that I haven't got a laptop to do all the things my surface did - it's more that I'm missing the 'slingablity' of my surface.

As I'm in this kinda reflective mood today I was wondering if you'd like to answer this question:

When you consider Windows 8 and Windows Phone as a side by side pair of devices, what apps are you still missing?

So, I'm not talking games and I mean specifically apps that aren't available on either platform. And specifically are available on iOS and Android.

For me, it's my banking app. Hate not having that and still having to rely on web access. I'm so over that.

Oh, and I'd like LoveFilm too. I bought into LoveFilm on the Xbox 360 same as I did with Netflix but feel unsupported on WP and W8 so will probably ditch LoveFilm in the next month or so if they don't raise their game and join the party.