Larger battery and larger screen iPhone, why not?

A lot of times when someone brings up the possibility of a larger iPhone, some people (trolls? Apple zealots?) come out of the wood work naming all the reasons why a larger iPhone wont work. Well, I'd kindly ask those folk to be quiet for a few moments and let me get my point across.

So, the iPhone 5s & 5c came and went. People went nuts for gold, majority of buyers didn't care for colors and I'm still waiting for 64-bit to "change everything, again!" So why not the most obvious of upgrades? A larger screen and a larger battery. These two simple little upgrades on the redesigned iPhone 6 for 2014 would (in my opinion) set the iPhone world on fire again like when the iPhone 4 came out. Now, before people start going nuts and pull out their flaming pitch forks, the iPhone with a larger screen and larger battery would not be replacing the current size iPhone, the 5/5S/5C. This current size iPhone, no matter how one feels about it, will be here to stay. Something about "fits in one hand", "ergonomics", blah blah blah.

What Apple needs to realize is that people are all grown up now and can handle devices just fine with two hands (if needed); as has been clearly displayed with the adoption rate of 5+ inch screens from other manufacturers. Apple is always concerned about making (supposedly) large changes to whatever they do to not disrupt their existing user base but things have gone on for too long (in smartphone-life-cycles terms).

A larger screen has it's obvious benefits like with watching videos or web browsing but given the iPhone's plethora of media creation apps, having the larger screen would only be a plus. The larger battery, makes a case without even saying anything. Battery life needs a huge jump, now. Don't really care what's in the pipelines, there's been talks of new battery tech for decades and all we've gotten so for is the current Lithium Ion (Li-ion), so, as others have done, make it bigger. Clearly, having 14+ hours of battery life in one charge can't be a bad thing. Haven't heard anyone complain about that yet.

So, if things go in the best direction, in 2014 we will have the iPhone 6, which is the iPhone you already know and love but redesigned and then along side it; gone will be the "C" line of products which will be replaced by the iPhone 6 Plus or 6+, whatever.

So... what do ya'll think? I'd really like to know...