Anyone like to come to my party from now till Black Friday?

Hello fellow Vergians!

Well thanks to The Verge I found what is and really enjoy it. I showed it to a bunch of my friends and everyone agreed that it was really cool because we were listening to our favorite songs simultaneously. So we will be practicing (are right now) from now till Black Friday and around 9 p.m. EST the big party starts. Hope you can come out even just to see it especially since is dying a sad death on December 3rd. We will be doing all kinds of music and we have 4 DJ spots on the table. The whole point of this is 1) celebrate Thanksgivvukah and 2) promote my blog some of you might have heard of Book N Tech. Since we are "sponsoring" (doing most of the DJ'ing) I thought we might do some promotion on here. So head to the party and check out the site!