Advice for a choice

I will be taking a new computer around January 15th. I will be using it for movies, music, web-surfing, writing and some light video editing(about 5 minutes clips) using After effects and occasionally Maya 3d. Screen and battery life are important. I don't really care about OS because both OS X and WINDOWS work for me.

I have liked a few laptops. First one is the rMBP 15. The $2600 version seems little too expensive but I think it will be better than the Iris Pro Version. This is the main choice.

The second one is the DELL XPS 15 maxed-out. However, I have heard that it as all sorts of troubles with WIFI and touch and throttling.

The third one is the Precision M3800 but I don 't know what to say about it, Pretty much the same as the XPS but with better video card.

And last the 21.5 iMac with GT750M. 16GB RAM, 3.1 GHz, 1TB Fusion Drive. I don't know if it's screen is good enough. I travel a lot tough. I can always buy an iPad with te rest of the cash. Do you think that is a good combination?