I had to post this screed...

MS store has, honestly, the WORST customer service I have ever had the terror to experience--and that's saying something, since I was once a CSR during a merger in a large bank, where integration went poorly. Honestly, execrable service (though as a caveat, most were really nice). I am essentially banned for the foreseeable future from purchasing from the MS, except in cash.

Massive Problem with Microsoft Billing, Compounded by Poor Customer Service It took me 10 hours to find out an answer to a what should have been a relatively easy question to answer.
Some background: I have an American billing address and (separate) shipping address, with a bank account in the US. However I am outside the country trying to make the purchase.
I tried to put a transaction through on the 19th of November, for a Surface 2 bundle. The transaction looked like it was approved (according to commerce.microsoft.com) and then reversed. I tried several times to put the transaction through but it didn't go through and I got "Error code: 30225", and so I called customer service in the US (using Skype!) to try and resolve the issue.
No one had a clue. I called customer service and spent over four hours, before trying chat and spent a spectacularly long session with a rep (see below) where nothing was achieved.
Chat start time Nov 26, 2013 6:50:04 AM EST
Chat end time Nov 26, 2013 9:54:34 AM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 03:04:29
Answer Tech Susan

What's worse, her supervisor, Arlene, ended up dismissing me without honestly trying to figure out the problem, I'm sure thinking I was a belligerent customer with insufficient funds in his/her account. This exchange below is after I had repeatedly told Susan that my bank had verified that I had sufficient funds.
Arlene: I reall would like to get this issue resolved . We have the same tools and resources here for placing orders and we don't want to try placing the order again because you might receive another preauthorization amount . For this, we recommend you contact your bank and let them know you have already tried using different ways to process the order, however it is still not going through.
Arlene: I hope the next time you try to place the order, it will complete successfully without any error messages.
You: Is my account flagged in any way?
Arlene: We are from the Microsoft Store customer service department not specifically from Billing department.
Arlene: They will alos provide you the same explanation.
Arlene: -also
Arlene: We apologize for the inconvenience.
Arlene: Please try to place the order again after you have verified with your bank that the account is okay .
Arlene: Thank you for doing business with Microsoft Store.

In the end, it was a customer rep intelligent enough to put all the pieces together to tell me that because of my country location and the different billing and shipping addresses it might have triggered a review of my cards and rendered them unusable in the MS store, because an internal review team may have labelled the transaction fraudulent. Chatted with another rep to verify that it might be unusable in the entire ecosystem including in physical stores, and there is no way to unflag the cards, because the review team is siloed.
I have found several other people getting the same error message and unable to make purchases on other websites, with no answers and plenty of frustration.
It has happened to enough people that supervisors should be aware that Error 30225 might mean your card has been nullified by MS. And unfortunately it means that the Surface that I have waited a year and a half for, will never come to fruition.