Apple Needs Something The People Cant Live Without - APPLE DOMINATION

Apple needs some sort of software or hardware that people could not live with out. Out of the three Tech companies, Apple is the only one that a person could go there whole lives without using anything made by apple (the average person). The biggest thing that people would NEED from apple is probably iTunes.

Microsoft has Microsoft Office (which is slowly losing ground), Microsoft Server ( Wont be going away for a long time), And Windows (which is also losing ground, but even some people with Macs need to buy Windows)

Google has Youtube (Power of ads! There is no replacement youtube), Google Search (definitely not losing ground, and people use this on the daily), Google Maps (best maps around).

There is just no way to imagine a life without Microsoft, most work places use windows or windows server. Cant imagine a world without Youtube, Google Search, or Maps.

Now, imagine a world without Apple...Completely do able! Android phones are quite popular, Spotify is popular, and Windows computers are still dominating. Once android catches up with Tablets, iPad sales drop, and soon can be replaced with Android.

Where are some areas Apple can improve or enter to make it so people need apple in their lives?

I think it would have to be something cheaper, more open (like iTunes), and get there early (before Microsoft and Google can). Perhaps boost up OSX Server? Makes iMessage open on all devices to take over messaging before Skype or Hangouts does? Make Home thermostats (home automation?) devices ? Make sure the iTV rules early on?

What are other ways Apple can make themselves NEEDED in this world? What are someways they already are?