As a consumer, do you really need to be paying for expensive creative and productivity software?

Unless you are running a business or an enthusiast; as a consumer do you really need to be paying so much money on creative and productivity software?

I have used Photoshop professionally and personally, and then for fun I tried GIMP but it was too convoluted, slow and ugly for me so I finally settled for Pixlr Editor - a web based advance photo editor that is owned by AutoDesk.

Pixlr Editor

This thing is amazing, it has layer support, fast import and upload, clone stamp tool, transform tool, pretty much everything I ever need for casual advance image editing and I have it here for FREE.

The developers even produced a mobile app with a very nice user interface but didn't skimp on the features.

Pixlr Express

I think the days for expensive software are numbered and the subsccription model of locking in customers was born because of that.