Pebble arrives on Amazon for $148.99, sees $20 Black Friday discount on own website


After making its retail debut earlier this year, the Pebble smartwatch is coming to Amazon. The company made the announcement last night, and the watch is now available for US buyers in black, gray, orange, red, and white for $148.99, its arrival coinciding with the effective start of the holiday shopping season. It's been a little over a year and a half since the Pebble's Kickstarter campaign launched in April of 2012, and nearly five months since it started shipping at Best Buy in July; it's also being sold through AT&T. Around retail launch, the company said it had taken 275,000 total orders for the Pebble, and in early November, it announced that 190,000 had been successfully shipped.

Anybody who's buying a Pebble now will be able to take advantage of the recently released SDK 2.0, which natively supports the iOS 7 notification center, allows for easier cross-platform app development, and lets developers tap into the watch's accelerometer. The Pebble still has some fundamental limitations, but it's worked out some of the problems that early adopters had to deal with, and the company promises that its strong relationships with developers will bring more apps to Pebble as its user base grows.

Update: Pebble's first foray into the Black Friday madness, and a reason to buy the device directly from the company itself, is a $20 discount just for today, making it $130.

Update 2: Pebble has extended its offer into Cyber Monday with an added bonus — the $20 discount now applies to each individual watch rather than the order as a whole.

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