I need to choose what I'll study in college

Hello Verge friends,

I'm currently having to make one of the toughest decisions of my entire life: I need to choose what I'll study in college. As you'll see, I've pretty much in doubt, and you'll see why.

Here in Brazil students need to choose their schools and specifical fields of study before they apply for college. Applicants are chosen by a bunch of exams named Vestibulares. Apart from the federal universities, each college has its own vestibular, I've applied for three tests: Economics and Law at Getulio Vargas Foundation - FGV (separate tests and schools on the same college) and Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic School (POLI) of the University of Sao Paulo - USP. All of them are the best schools in Brazil for each one of the schools I applied for (Law at FGV is, however, considered the second best, behind USP's SanFran Law School). My odds of passing FGV exams are high and USP's Fuvest exam is medium. I can always try again next year.

If you were me, what would you choose? Here's some background:

  • I've almost discarded Law as I realized that I'd hate to be a lawyer. I've almost chosen Law School because I want - even if I end up in studying Engineering - to become a diplomat. It's easier to pass the (very hard) exam of Brazil's Foreign Relations Ministry if you are a Law graduate, but the plan B is so awful that I nearly didn't go to the 1st round of exams of FGV's Law School earlier this month.
  • I'm not very good at maths (equations, functions and stuff) but I exceel at logical thought (problem solving).
  • The part of Economics that I love (Macroeconomics) is hard to get to work with. I'd possibly end up working with financial economics, a part of Economics that I'm not much interested in (much better than becoming a lawyer though).
  • I love computers. Just love them.
  • Location is not an issue. I live within 2 miles of USP and 4 miles of FGV. I'll not move (as well as 95% of my high school classmates).
  • If I choose Engineering, I'd be able to go study abroad for a year being paid by the Federal Government to do so. The brother of a friend of mine studies Electrical Engineering at POLI-USP and is currently living in Toronto, for example.
  • My mother hates the idea of me studying Economics. As she studied at a college with a terrible Economics department, she thinks that Economics is a mediocre profession.
  • USP is free. FGV is pretty expensive.
  • The "culture" of POLI is a lot more appealing to me.
That's it. I hope you guys can help me choose it. :-)