Let's cook up some new technologies

Looking at Apple product announcements always make me left wanting for more... Something more. Not to say that I was disappointed in the new products but I just have a longing for awesome breakthrough technologies that can really solve lots of real problems. Of course, these are just my wishes for perfection, not really expecting them in real life. Here are some of my "imaginations" hehe What do you think about them and what are some of yours(if you have any)?

1. Sapphire crystal display cover?

- How many iPhone screens have been shattered into smithereens... If the display glass could be nearly unbreakable (by shock, doesn't need to be bulletproof haha) users will have a great peace of mind

2. Anti-glare display without compromise

- Still not visible under direct sunlight even with 100% brightness(which will kill the battery). Quite a huge deal when you are listening to music on the go.

3. Much more durable design?

- I don't see the point of boasting all about the meticulous attention to the hardware design in product intro videos when most people cover their phones with ugly(in my opinion) plastic cases. At least scratch-proof and scuff-proof(?) design please.

4. Worry-free battery life?

- Long enough such that we don't even need to turn on the "Show Battery Percentage". Long enough that we don't have to worry about battery life every time we want to use a new feature or new app that utilises background refreshing. Just make it worry-free, pls. Where is your hardware and software integration...

5. Smarter charger/adapter?

- I wonder if the adapter could manage things such that we can charge our devices overnight and not worry about damaging the batteries. Now I have to keep thinking about when to use and charge my iPhone because I don't wanna charge it overnight.

Please feel free to share your ideas and no trolling pls!