Turns out too small a bezel isn't always a good thing.

This is most certainly not a problem for phones that use on-screen buttons but it is certainly a problem for the galaxy S4. The gap between the home button and the screen is simply not enough and many a times when you press the home button the touch screen registers a touch as well especially if you have a relatively fat thumb. Turns out the much hated home button placement of the S3 is actually a more usable thing.

And then there are those 2 capacitive buttons which are so close to the bottom of the device that you have to be really careful not to press the back button when holding the device to watch something. This has always been a problem with capacitive buttons that you don't know exactly where they would register a touch.

If a phone is going to have controls besides the screen then there really should be enough space for them and not cramped into a small area.