Outlook vs Gmail and Changing Camps

According to Wikipedia, Outlook.com has 420 million users while Gmail has 425 million users - they are both very good web email services and have evolved a lot across the years.

I guess often times, people may choose one as a primary and not the other due to the preference in the company and/or other integrated products, but back when Gmail came out, pretty much every other service sucked - no one gave you a a large storage or a nice clean UI so there were many reasons for you to switch from Hotmail (which was the defacto email service then) to Gmail, notify your circles and in time your old email is forgotten and people send you stuff on your new one.

Now with Microsoft improving their ecosystem game, would it make more sense for the sake of integration to go back to Outlook for Windows users? I have come across many Google users who bought into the new Microsoft ecosystem ie W8/WP and decided to abandon Google, would you consider this? And if you did or have; how has it been?

Changing emails is so much a hassle but once you get past that, getting into the other services just comes naturally. Having said that in 2013, I would like to think most of us are comfortable with the choices we have made several years ago regarding our email providers and with that the online services that entail. Yes Outlook.com maybe on par with Gmail today, but tomorrow Google may one up Microsoft, and having been a Google user this long, I know they never settle improving their core products at a pace which is faster than Apple and Microsoft - but that is just my personal opinion, yours may certainly differ.

I remember reading a comment from someone on Lifehacker sometime in 2011, and he said the reason he stayed with the iPhone when everyone else was going with Android was because he views the products he invests in like his own family, and he will stick with them through thick or thin - interesting concept; though I don't get emotionally attached to my tech.