Chromebooks with better than 1366 x 768 resolution?

So, I have a Samsung Series 7 laptop that suits a lot of my power user needs (I occasionally need to do some rendering, etc) and I'm about to purchase a gaming desktop. I wanted to complete my trifecta with a Chromebook. I work online as a sports writer, and regularly attend games and the like and the Samsung is a bit much to carry around with me.

I've always been intrigued by a Chromebook. I was in on the CR--whatever-whatever beta thing and loved it. My only issue is that I need a resolution above 1366 x 768. The size of the editor I use does not snap to half screen very well on that resolution, not if I want to see everything I'm typing while also looking at notes and the like on the other half of the screen.

Are there any Chromebooks that offer this, or will be offering this? Outside of something like the Pixel, I mean. I don't want to spend a ton. I just want a light, speedy laptop that I can open, type on, transport easily, etc. I think the OS is perfect for me.