How "black" is the new black Smart Cover?

Hey everyone!

I'm looking to buy an iPad mini with Retina Display once that comes out, and like a lot of people, I'm planning on getting a Smart Cover for it as well.

I currently have an iPad 3, and I own two Smart Covers for it: black leather and the dark grey polyurethane. I absolutely love the black of the leather (I think that the darker it is, the better).

During the October 22nd event where the new iPads were announced, Apple refreshed their lineup of Smart Covers, including the addition of a "black" polyurethane Smart Cover for both models.

If anyone here knows or has seen one to verify, my question is wondering how "black" the new Smart Covers are - are they comparable to the black leather Smart Cover that Apple used to sell, or are they lighter than those?

Thanks for any answers or other pointers! Have a good day. :)