New white Android theme not consistent in KitKat

Hey guys, just flashed a 4.4 AOSP ROM on an old Verizon Galaxy Nexus, and playing around with it, something just seemed off. For those of you who don't know, Google made Android have more of a neutral white theme instead of a holo blue theme now, so things like the status bar icons like the wifi, cell signal, battery and clock icons are white instead of the old holo blue. That's great and all, I just wished Google made it consistent with the rest of KitKat.


Here you can still see much of the old holo blue is very much apparent in Android, what with the bar at the bottom being blue and the title bar at the top with the blue underline.


Here, the checkmark boxes are still blue.



And other various parts of Android are still showing the old holo blue. E3h5gxi_medium

But oddly, when trying to scroll a page over when it can no longer scroll, it gives a white effect instead of a blue effect. Like I said, Google is being very inconsistent about the color scheme of vanilla Android.

But, at least the KitKat easter egg pages look cool.




That last one looks very Windows Phone-like.

So does anyone else consider Google's white/blue theming inconsistency somewhat annoying from a design perspective?