SONOS Wifi Speaker Alternative?

I recently purchased two Sonos speakers, but after having them for 2 weeks I'm about ready to throw them out the window.

The situation is, my apartment has a lot of interference in the walls, so it's tough to get a signal from room to room. I got around this by setting up a beefy 802.11ac wifi network. SONOS, however, works by setting up a proprietary wifi network instead of using what's already there and their signal penetration is not as good. On top of that, SONOS requires that everything go through their garbage proprietary SONOS player, which has hiccups and issues connecting to my "must always be available" personal iTunes library, takes minutes to find any recent changes, and only lets you play what's built-in. Given how prevalent apple Airplay is and how Spotify Connect is available as well, there must be a better option out there that I can stream straight from my device or within my applications. It's a mess of options out there and tough to know where to start.

I'm just looking for something I can stream iTunes, Spotify and internet radio to. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on good alternatives out there?