Laptop suggestions.

I know this is supposed to be used for discussions and I'm hopefully not violating any rules but I'd like to get some laptop buying advice from Verge users since you all have such great insight into this sort of stuff.

Laptop History: owned an iBook G4 - yes, thats before they changed the names to Mac

HP dm4 - with a 2nd gen dual core i5, 640GB storage, pathetic battery life, and a pretty standard 1366*768 res. Owned it for almost 3 years now and its falling apart now.

Laptop Usage: I'm a reasonably heavy user. Not heavy, its just that I use it a lot, like a lot more than most people. I'm a student and I don't own a television or a tablet so this is pretty much my only source of entertainment. I don't game at all, but I do use CAD, (I study Mechanical engineering) and I occasionally code on Matlab and possibly other languages in the future.

What I'm Looking for: Portability.

A good amount of power for the uses I described (i'm guessing those 1.3GHz ultraportables are out of the way). My current one used to be able to manage CAD but its too slow now so I use the lab

Battery Life.... atleast 5-6 hours... of proper use... not the labelled nonsense every manufacturer writes on the box

Full HD. I dont care about speakers really... ive got some great external ones.. That c overs my tv and movie requirements

budget - 1000 USD

I would buy a Mac with Ret display 13 inch.... but i'll need to get a windows cd, office for mac etc. which would raise it from 1299 to about 15-1600 which is a massive pain. I'm not going to raise my budget above 1000 because I'm sure the specs I need will fit within the range. Plus the extra 200 usd i wouldve paid for a mac is because of the industrial design, hardware and Mac OSX.

Thanks in advance