Hangouts 2.0 impressions/thoughts/complaints

Haven't seen many talking about Hangouts 2.0 yet.

What do you think so far?

I love the fact that I can now use one app for hangouts and sms/MMS.

Here are a few of issues I have with it though...

1. Sms and hangouts are separate threads rather than all wrapped up into one. For this reason, I'll contune to just use sms but in the hangouts app instead of messaging.

I was hoping it would attempt to use hangouts but if the person I'm contacting doesn't have hangouts it would default to sms. (Like iMessage?)

2. Sms messages are only on the phone. I really wish it would sync to the hangouts servers so I could see and reply from the chrome extension. The hangouts service would then send the sms message to my phone for delivery.

3. The old messages app wouldn't let you send photos from the web via MMS. (Only pictures from the camera)

Hangouts appears to allow any picture over mms but the recipient never gets it. Kind of misleading.

Once Google Voice is integrated, the SMS issues should be fixed since Google syncs gvoice sms on it's servers already. I hope hangouts and gvoice sms are in the same thread however.

Voice integration into hangouts and MMS support is all I'm waiting for to port my cell number over as my Google Voice number.

I feel this was another step in the right direction but we haven't reached the end goal yet!

Share your experiences below! Google does keep an eye out for feedback!