rMBP 15.4" Feb 2013 Refurb

I have been a desktop buidler/tinker for a long time mostly because I played a lot of computer games. As life has gone along, getting married, out of school into real world, etc, I find I have less and less time to game on my PC. I also have less time to tinker and build. Add to all of this, I am not super impressed by Windows 8, and I find for the first time in my life I am looking to get a laptop to replace my home desktop, which is now starting to push 6 years.

These days I am mostly doing office, email and web browsing when at home. I was looking forward to the new Haswell processors on the MBP, but was very disheartened to find that only the $2600 rMBP would have a discrete GPU. Iris integrated grfx are fine and good, but I would really like a discrete GPU. As I refuse to pay $2600 for a laptop (or desktop for that matter), I started looking at the 15.4" rMBP refurb from February 2013. For $1700 you get basically every spec I want outside the Haswell processor and a more updated GPU.

I wanted to know what you all thought of that laptop and if that GPU is too far outdated to last several years. I don't expect to be playing super high-end games, but with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of Flash I feel like I should safe for this to last a few years. Just for info, I plan to do most of my gaming on an Xbox One.

Thanks in advance for your responses.