What was your first device entering the mobile communications world?

I thought this would be a fun thread to see what kind of different devices we all started with as youngins. Also, nostalgia is fun.

Post ONLY the first device you actually owned. Whether it was purchased by you or your parents, it doesn't matter. There may have been even older devices that existed around the time you got your first mobile device, but those don't count.

After your first device, feel free to post any later devices you owned if you think it'd be fun for you to share.

If the iPhone or any recent device is in fact your first mobile device, that's just as cool, too. It's interesting to see where everyone is coming from.


My first mobile device was a Motorola Pager. It was handed down to my by my dad when I was around 14 or 15 to keep tabs on me.


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after getting my first part time job at 16, I saved up to buy my own pagers. Being in high school, alpha numeric texts were popular with the teens at the time and those were our SMS's.

i loved this thing. Memoexpress_medium

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