Live streaming chromecast limitations - What's the rationale?

I have not heard any updates on this, we know the sdk for launch apps has not been released yet, but that pertains to third party apps. What about word on allowing live streaming directly to a chromecast?

Is this going to be allowed?

If not what are the rationales for preventing this from happening?

-Technical? Are the issues with mass distributing live video data too hard to deal with currently? (i.e. less ability to cache videos to more localized boxes closer to viewers homes?) If that is an issue, why would they be able to live stream to ANY computer in the world, but not any chromecast?

-Content Partner Concerns? I can imagine the ability for anyone to live stream a channel to a chromecast would be INSANELY disruptive. No more need to get expensive broadcast rights, or jockey for payments from cable/sat companies. Just create content and a channel and stream it live to ANYONE with a chromecast and on the web. Presumably it can done on the web already, but the chromecast makes it trivially easy to get that content to a TV. Can you imagine the potential explosion of chromecast enhanced live channels? No FCC to deal with, just get a camera and a fast upload connection, and you have your shoestring broadcast company. It could turn into an alternative to cable channels too, instead of bundles, it could foster larger niche audiences due to the GLOBAL nature of the streams (and recorded shows), you could have ala carte programming models attempted on the more open chromecast (potentially, currently it's still too closed with the aircast disabling).

Or maybe this is all nonsense. To me this is the single most exciting and potentially game changing device google has released in YEARS. And these things are selling well from all reports. The user base is exploding. And with it a potential new world content order.