Verge's reviews are useless and have no credibility anymore

Apparently, iPad Mini's display is a distant third behind Kindle HDX and Nexus 7, and it's something I've seen Displaymate and Anandtech confirm, too, and yet TheVerge gave it a 10/10.

Please don't give me the "but it's still a great display!" excuse. That's not the point when you *benchmark* displays and give them scores. Saying it's a "great display" is very relative. I could've said the Nexus One display was great back in 2010, but it probably looks like crap compared to today's displays. That's exactly why they can't give the Nexus One a 9/10 or whatever it would've gotten back then, in 2013, and it's why the iPads shouldn't be getting a 10/10 in 2013 either if they are the *same* displays from 1-2 years ago, and have already been surpassed by others this year.

They do the same with cameras. They gave the 2013 iPad cameras the *same score* as they got last year, even though they are the *same cameras as last year*. That's not how benchmarking and scores are supposed to work. If say a chip score 3,000 points on a benchmark in 2012, and it scores the same in 2013, you don't give it the same rating this year - do you?!

Not to mention the fiasco with the Nexus 5 camera, which was given a grade based on nothing but super-subjective opinion. I mean it even got a *much worse* score than the 5MP cameras in the iPads. In what world does that make sense?

Anyway, they are free to ban me over this, I don't care. I've been visiting TheVerge less and less these days anyway. There are many problems that have started appearing during the past year, including all the "culture" stuff flooding the site and not leaving much more for the real tech stuff, and turning into a Gizmodo basically, but to me really the worst of the worst are how poor their reviews have become over the past year.

I wouldn't even say they are in top 10 reviews from a tech website anymore, which I'd be fine with if they were treated like that, too, but unfortunately they are still the "default" site many people check, especially since they are some of the very few who still like to give scores in reviews, and many people like scores because they think it's a much easier way to summarize a review. But they can also do huge damage when their reviews and scores are so wrong.

So they can delete this if they want, but they'd be ignoring valid criticism, that if they continue to ignore, the issues I've talked about may lead to the site's downfall, which is not really what I want. I just want it to be a good tech site again, that makes great, objective and fair reviews.