Organic bokeh

So I'm quite the daydreamer.

For years I thought I had this amazing skill where I could force my eyes to focus as close as they can, rendering my entire vision blurry. I soon learnt that anyone can do this. So, me being a daydreamer, I like to do that close focussing thingy when I'm riding the train, listening to some Tera Melos whilst just staring out of the window. Especially at night this is cool, because with all the city lights out there you get the light orbs we all know from our photography. But here's the thing: the light orbs a camera makes are nice and clean, but the ones your eyes make are really wicked. They look somewhat like what you'd see through a microscope, looking at cells. Here, I tried (and failed) to create one in photoshop:


This doesn't do it justice. Try this: if your keyboard/TV/stereo system is black and has any sort of small indicative lights on it, look at it whilst forcing your eyes to focus at minimum distance. You'll see it!

Wouldn't it be amazeballs if there was a way to incorporate this 'organic bokeh' into photographs?