Help me. Galaxy Note 10.1 or iPad Air? or Should I wait?

Hey guys

I have always felt the urge for jumping into the tablet bandwagon!! Now I have saved more than 50000 rupees (800$) for my first tablet purchase. I know nothing beats the iPad experience when it comes to tablets.. But I have few worries.

seems like iPad Air safari crash is pandemic. Now the apple website discussion forum thread about this issue is now more than 10 pages long and filled with complaints. and apple fans from imore, macrumour, 9to5mac forums are reporting this too.

So I am worried about buying iPad air now. Because i fear that apple will introduce the refreshed 2gb ram model iPad air to solve this issue after six months (as they released the iPad 4 with a6 processor to solve the iPad 3 processor heat problems and to improve the iPads dated A5 processing power after six months).

Even if apple doesn't introduce mid cycle iPad air, will the iPad air age quicker in future as 64 bit apps take more RAM? can we never have a full fledged iPad without glitches? Shit i have started to miss Steve jobs. He always preferred performance of device over profit. I can bear the lack of touch id (and it sucks). But I can't bear my tablets most used app crashing and restarting simply because i opened few extra tabs which i would naturally do open when browsing.


Should I mingle in the Galaxy family? I loved the specs of GS4 when it was released ( 8 cores,13 mp shooter, full hd amoled, Synaptics ClearPad… you get it.). But I have had unsatisfied experience with the GS4 i have (compared to my friends htc one) and when i swipe on the homescreen it stutters during the animation. of all the lags what i hate the most is It takes 1.78 seconds to display the dialer and contacts after the icons are touched (even after 4.3 update). Does galaxy note 10 have the same issues? Can any galaxy note 10 owners give guidance for me on this?

currently i am more inclined to iPad as i have a macbook to complement the iOS. dudebro, juliannorossi and other Apple core members, what about your new iPads? you have any safari tabs related problems? or is it just over hyped in the internet?